Green Seedlings

Tara, Susan, Grand Bahama Island and a vision of green!
February 25, 2011, 2:32 am
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January 2011

The Seed-

On an unusually cloudy and blustery day in January, we sat under the umbrellas at Banana Bay. The dramatic panorama of ocean and sky was animated by the wind as we munched our lunch and chatted about life.

We started to  discuss how we shared a lust for helping people or environments –  a lust that could tug us away from The Bahamas. However as the conversation warmed us up and the sun peeked out from behind a cloud….we could feel a passion for doing something positive here, on this little island – Grand Bahama – that had been our home for so long.

The idea is simple.

Much like a seed.

A seed, that can grow into a seedling, that can flourish into a tree, that may be the lungs and additional food for an island whose nature is abundance.  However now is suffering the consequence of the slow hum of tractors and concrete ringing a change away from a time of easy pickings and food for all.  And away from a time when community meant things growing in the yard and shared with the neighbours.

To start we intend to save our seeds from the fruit that we eat that grows easily on this island, then growing them into hearty seedlings.

At the moment the dream is to plant a seedling in every yard in Grand Bahama, as impossible as that sounds but we may decide to do something more manageable and plant for a school or on common land.  But there is something honest about going slow and knocking on the door of every house and offering to plant a seedling in their yard.  

The seed is new and still in our hands….this will document our journey as we figure how to make green seedlings grow into nourishing trees and find a community along the way!